Garden Edging

Garden Edging 150x5mm x10m

Garden Edging 150x5mm x10m


Create a near-invisible edge between your lawn and flower beds, etc.  Prevents grass roots spreading and helps contain your garden soil, mulch or bark.  It is easy to install and maintenance-free.  At 5mm thick it’s strong but flexible.

It comes either 100mm or 150mm wide in 10m or 20m rolls.

Made in NZ from 100% recycled plastic.  UV stabilised for longer life.  Will not rot or leach chemicals. Recyclable.


Other uses include:
  • Place around tree trunk
  • Barrier against treated timber; eg to keep your raised veggie garden toxin-free
  • Helps retain moisture in soil
  • Can stop roots spreading sideways
  • Pathway edging
  • Concreting forming curves – easier than plywood and re-usable (use stakes for support)


Insert spade into the ground along lawn edge, then push it away from the lawn to make a V-shaped trench.  Do not actually remove soil.  Continue this along the full length and lay the Garden Edging into place.  Push it down to a level below grass height to avoid damaging it when mowing then press the soil back into place.

You can buy stakes at most DIY/garden stores but we think it looks better without. Most of it is buried and if pressed hard against it the soil should hold it in place.

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