Custom Plastic Sheets

We can make plastic sheets between 3mm and 8mm in thickness, up to 1600mm wide and almost any length (within reason).  We’re happy to discuss any ideas you may have.

We produce and stock 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm sheets in standard size, 1600 x 2400mm.

It’s an excellent material to line stable walls or sheep/cattle runs as it’s easily cleaned, doesn’t absorb water or urine, dries quickly and doesn’t splinter if kicked (thereby reducing potential for injury).  Since we can make long runs, you’ll minimise the number of joins.

Other applications include: lining a van or truck; custom-made mud flaps and various other applications where plywood or metal sheets are not ideal.  It can also be welded easily.

We are often asked if it’s suitable for roofing or cladding.  It’s probably OK for sheds, chicken coops, kennels and the like but it’s not suitable for house building due to the properties of polyethylene.

Sheets available in black, black or black!

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