Dig Stop

Dig Stop 150x6 A

AS4702 Compliant Dig Stop

Dig Stop™ does what it says – stops you digging!

Used primarily as a cable cover, it is placed between a buried cable and the surface to act as a visual warning of services below.  Since it is much thicker and stronger than standard warning tape, it also provides a physical barrier.  Anybody digging in the future will be warned of cables below, thus protecting their safety and ensuring continuity of supply.

We can also make Dig Stop to cover gas pipes, telecommunications cables, water/sewage pipes and fuel pipes.  Please ask.

The NZ electrical code requires that cable cover meets Australian Standard AS4702.  Dig Stop has been independently tested, with all criteria met or exceeded.  A key element of this standard ensures that the product provides sufficient physical barrier to protect a pick-axe operator.  The test equipment (which mimics a pick-axe) must not penetrate the cable cover by more than 50mm.  Please click this link to view the full Test Report.

Please note that we do not give advice on which size Dig Stop to use in any given situation – your electrician should ensure that installation takes place in accordance with AS/NZS3000 and/or local regulations that apply.

We make all the popular sizes and can manufacture any custom size required.  As with all our products, it is made here in NZ from recycled plastic and is itself recyclable.  We can also make Dig Stop to go over gas pipes, water mains and telecommunications cables – please enquire for more information.

Dig Stop is available at all good trade electrical suppliers (not direct from us, sorry) so be sure to ask for it by name.  Please contact us for your nearest outlet.

Why do people call it Magslab?

This comes up a lot, so we thought we’d clear it up here.  ‘Magslab’ was the brand name of another cable cover manufacturer which ceased trading a couple of years ago.  Dig Stop™ is our brand name.  We like our name but if you call it Magslab we’ll know what you mean..!

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