We mainly recycle LDPE type 4, (eg pallet wrap, scaffold wrap, timber wrap, etc) and HDPE type 2, (eg milk bottles, 20L containers, etc).  We can also take a small amount of soft PVC and polypropylene.

We are keen to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible, so prefer to source plastic from local businesses where possible.  Do call us to discuss your plastic recycling needs.

Please note that we are not a general recyclers – we don’t want “all and everything” made of plastic to pass-on up the chain or export!  We are manufacturers, so we only need the type and quantity of plastic that we can make use of.  Also, we are not competing with the big companies that perhaps are taking your waste plastic right now; we don’t offer a collection service.

Please don’t just send us your waste because if it’s unsuitable we won’t take delivery.

Sorry, but we do not offer a public drop-off facility; please do not bring your waste here.

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